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Lyme Disease Exercise Chart

Use the Exercise Chart to input all exercises you do throughout the week. When you are finished saving all of your exercises, click on "Back To Daily Journal" where all of your exercises will be shown.

  • Select your exercise Category.
  • Select your exercise.
  • Click Add Button. This will add your selection to #4.
  • View or Add your own exercise. Your selected exercise will appear here or use this option to add your own exercise if you do not see your exercise in the drop down box under step 2.
  • Select the time frame. When do you do this exercise during the day?
  • Hours. Input how many hours you performed this exercise.
  • Minutes. Input how many minutes you performed this exercise.
  • Reps. Input how many reps you do.
  • Click on "Save Exercise". This will add the exercise to both your "Saved Exercise Chart" and your "Daily Exercise Journal".
  • Edit or Delete Exercise. To edit the information for a particular exercise, click on the Edit Button. [You may edit this as often as you would like] To delete, click on the Delete Button.
  • Back To Daily Journal. Click on button to go back to your Daily Journal.
Daily Exercise Journal

Once your have input all of your exercises in your chart, go to your Daily Journal Page and simply check off each exercise you finish daily. You can change the day by clicking on the calendar day you would like to view.

  • Current Date. When you land on your private daily journal, you will see all of your current day journals. To view any other day, simply click on the date you want to view on the calendar .
  • Update Chart. Click to update your exercise chart. You will be taken to a new page where you will see the exercise Chart shown above. Edit, delete or add new exercises to your exercise chart, which will be updated in your daily journal.
  • Print Daily Exercise Journal. Simply click on the link and print out your daily exercise journal.
  • Select Checkbox. If you have done this exercise today click in the checkbox. You can come back throughout the day and check the boxes when you have finished this exercise, or at the end of the day, go through the list and check all boxes that you have finished.
  • Save Daily Exercise Journal. When you have finished checking all boxes for exercises you have finished, click on "Save Daily Exercise Journal". This will save all the data for that day, so that in the future if you select that day on the calendar you will be able to view what exercises you finished.
  • Make Private or Public. You can choose to make the exercise journal private or public. If you select private no one else will be able to view this information. If you select public, all users will be able to view this information on your public profile pages.
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