Photo Upload Guide

To upload a photo, you will need a digitial version of the image on your computer. FacesofLyme only accepts photos uploaded through our site. We do not accept photos mailed in or emailed to us.

follow link 1.  Is there a limit on the number of photos I can upload?

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Upload Basics

  • Is there a limit on the number of photos I can upload?
Yes, for a free member you can only upload 1 photo for your profile page (you can edit this photo at any time). However, if you upgrade to a FacesofLyme Plus Membership for $19.95 a year (this helps us keep the site running), you can upload 50 Photos and along with this have the ability to send E-Cards personalized with your photo for every occassion.
  • What types of images can I upload?
FacesofLyme can understand only one digital photo "language": the JPEG format (often shortened to "jpg"). If your photos are stored in a different format (such as GIF, BMP, or TIFF), you will need to "translate" them into the JPEG format. Use the photo editing software that came with your camera or scanner to save your photo in the JPEG format.
  • Are there limits on file sizes for uploads?
Yes, you can upload files up to 1MB in size. As you upload photos, they're compressed and resized by FacesofLyme (if necessary) in the following sizes:
  • 200 pixels (on the widest side) - this is for your user profile pages.
  • 60 x 60 pixels - this is for the thumbnail photo that is seen throughout the site.
  • I'm not crazy about my photo. Can I change it?
Yes, you can change your photos at any time. Once you've uploaded a photo, simply go to your Private Profile Pages, by clicking on "About Me" (you must be logged in to do this). Then click on the tab, "My Media" and you will be taken to your photo page. Above each of your photos, click on "Change Photo" and follow the directions online.
  • How do I share my photos?
Anyone who visits FacesofLyme can see your photos by visting your public profile pages (viewed by clicking on "View Members" and then searching for your name). There other ways to share your photos.
On your private profile pages (Click "About Me" when logged in), you will see a link that says, "Send To Friends". On these pages you can do the following:
  • Tell Your Friends to vote by either sending them your public profile url address (shown on this page) or you can ask us to send out a Voting E-Card. This Voting E-Card tells your friends everything they need to know to view your photos.
  • If you use MySpace, you can quickly send a bulletin to all your friends sharing your profile page.
  • Instant Message your friends and send them your public profile page url.
  • We provide 3 different types of FacesofLyme Voting Widgets. One even has your photo on it. It's simple to use, just copy the link to your web page, blog, newsletter, email footer or anywhere online that you can post content! All your friends have to do is click on the link to view your profile and photos.