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Escape Massage


Category : Massage & Body Work

15500 WC Commons Way
Midlothian, VA 23114
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http://profitabletradinges.com/page/2254/ Lyme Disease Expertise: 2 stars
http://profitabletradingde.com/page/2565/ Customer Service: 5 stars
http://getyourmedsonline.org/amiplin/ Fair Prices: 5 stars

go to site " Escape Massage has a number of massage therapists in their employ. It is a small company, with two locations in the Richmond area. My therapist was Rose, who was enormously helpful in flushing out toxins and lactic acid from my muscles and working out tension. Even though I am in a lot of pain and sensitive to touch, I was completely comfortable and amazingly pain free while she worked on me. The people there are kind and compassionate. The building is new and the whole place has a feel of luxury about it. The tables are supremely comfortable and the music if very soothing. There is a waiting area in the lobby and a private waiting area, called the transition room, where customers can go to await their therapist after checking in. The transition room has hot towels, dim lighting, relaxing music, and comfortable chairs to sit in. The employees of Escape Massage don\'t have very much, if any, knowledge of Lyme, but I didn\'t feel like that was necessary. They listened to my needs and how I was feeling and were very concerned about my well-being. A note about pricing: a 60 minute massage is $77 for nonmembers and $45 for members. If you buy a 6 month of 12 month membership, it costs $59 plus the member price of each massage. This is a great deal if you want to get a weekly massage like I did. The nonmember price for 4 massages in a month would come out to be $308, where the member price would work out to be $239 for the same thing. "