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Houston Enzymes No-Fenol Digest Fruits and Vegetables 90 Capsules

Houston Nutraceuticals

  • Unique Formulation to Assist in Digestion of Phenolic Foods.No-Fenol was developed by Dr. Devin Houston in response to requests for a product that would allow them to eat fruits and vegetables without the problems thought to be associated with some phenolic compounds. Initial responses from many indicate that No-Fenol can allow the addition of these foods to the diet without complications. All plants contain some degree of phenolic compounds. The phenol structure itself is ubiquitous in nature and is actually essential to many of lifes processes. Current thinking by many is that some have difficulty in the assimilation of phenolic compounds. The research literature indicates that some phenolic compounds are modified by the addition of carbohydrate groups to their structures which may inhibit their crossing into cells and being metabolized.