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Mag-Tab Slow Release 7Meq - 100'S

Niche Pharmaceuticals

  • Mag-Tab SR is a sustained release magnesium lactate formulation which Dr. Slagle frequently prescribed for its advantages which are:Allows more steady magnesium levels & less magnesium loss because it minimizes the "dumping" or laxative effect of many magnesium preparations. Has unsurpassed absorption- 33% more elemental magnesium than magnesium chloride 300% more elemental magnesium than magnesium gluconate 600% more soluble than magnesium oxide.Magnesium supplementation is indicated for those with: Anxiety/nervousness/panic Insomnia Depression Emotional overreactivity Irritability/anger Hyperactivity/restlessness/squirming Short attention span & learning disabilities Hypersensitivity to sound & pain High stress Fatigue Muscle pain spasms & tension Tics & tremors Asthma High blood pressure Migraine or other headaches High sugar alcohol or caffeine intake Constipation Malabsorption syndromes inflammatory bowel disease Crohn's disease Rapid pulse Chronic candida (the aldehydes cause magnesium loss) Heart irregularities Heart failure Ischemic heart disease Diuretic therapy Mitral valve prolapse Those with low potassium (potassium supplemental therapy may be ineffective without concurrent magnesium) Diabetes Hyperthyroidism Seizure disorders Mania Those undergoing radiation or chemotherapy treatment.