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FacesofLyme Cool Product Pick

Desperation Medicine

Gateway Press

  • For 10 million patients suffering from chronic illnesses caused by biotoxins coming from our changing environment reading this book will be the first step to recovery. From chronic Lyme Disease sick building syndrome chronic fatigue syndrome fibromyalgia and more to illnesses caused by neurotoxins from Pfiesteria ciguatera cylindromspermopsis and chattonella the spectrum of chronic toxin-mediated illness is vast. Physicians can't diagnose the illnesses with standard blood tests -- and antibiotics don't work. A new biomarker visual contrast sensitivity (VCS) successfully identifies the presence of the effect of neurotoxins. New treatment protocols described in detail lead to successful resolution of symptoms and the VCS deficit. These illnesses are environmental in origin and the politics of denial are summarized in the chapter "The Appearance of Good Science". The case histories are true and the patients are real. The science is rock solid. The book serves as a warning to all of us as our environment is changed by the chemical age. The good news for long suffering patients everywhere is that successful diagnosis and treatment of these destructive illnesses is now at hand! The good news for practicing physicians is that a recently discovered biomarker can rapidly pinpoint the true cause of symptoms which are now being incorrectly blamed on such vaguely defined conditions as depression fibromyalgia stress and irritable bowel syndrome.