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Heal Yourself With Qigong: Gentle Practices to Increase Energy Restore Health and Relax the Mind

New Harbinger Pubns

  • Qigong (pronounced chee-gung) is a Chinese practice consisting of physical movements meditation creative visualization and breathing exercises. Similar to tai chi qigong accumulates and cultivates vital life-force energy in the body for better health heightened energy and longevity.

    Though qigong has been practiced in China for thousands of years it is only now gaining popularity in the United States as research emerges about qigong's many health benefits. Studies have found that even short-term practice of qigong has positive effects on blood pressure stress bone density endocrine gland function immune function sexual function and overall health.

    Heal Yourself with Qigong opens with an introduction to basic qigong theory and offers over 100 five-minute qigong exercises designed to target specific health issues from strengthening an aching back to boosting energy. Readers can use this book to quickly find effective qigong exercises targeted to their physical and mental health needs. The exercises are split into four sections: Instant Energy Boosters Restoring Physical Vitality Balancing the Emotions and Calming the Spirit.

    Unlike most other qigong books which describe lengthy thirty to ninety-minute routines this accessible guide presents exercises that take only a few minutes each. If they wish readers can then link their favorite exercises together to create longer routines. The usability and flexibility of this book make it ideal for both experienced practitioners and those new to qigong.