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Portable Infrared Sauna with ceramic heater - Extra Large

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  • This Unique High Quality Far Infrared FIR Portable Sauna with exclusive beneficial features finally can be affordable and used in privacy of your home apartment or office without taking up a large space. - It's design includes the most desirable features the expansive other larger stand alone saunas have. With this Portable Far Infrared FIR Sauna you will have even more conveniences and benefits then with a larger Sauna. Infrared Portable Sauna Features - - Far infrared sauna box - Features Add-On with Negative Ion - Far infrared carbon fiber heating panels - Intelligent temperature automatic preset control for various level of heating - Master controller unit - State of The Art New Technology In Super Conductive Heating Elements - Coated With heat Activated FIR Material - 1050 watt Equivalent To 1780 watts Thermal Energy! - Handheld timer and heating level controller - Compact folding chair - Ceramic Heater Included!