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FacesofLyme Cool Product Pick

Therasage Infrared Heat Home Sauna - 3 Person

$4 899.00

  • Infrared Heat Home Sauna The Infrared Heat Home Sauna is a perfect way to enjoy all the sauna benefits in your home without expensive plumbing electrical or carpentry work. The infrared sauna brings commercial quality components including the highest quality infrared generating components. The heat home sauna features Canadian red cedar wood contruction which is naturally hypo-allergenic and features no off gasing like less expensive wood. The ceramic heating elements emit far-infrared heat that penetrates deep into your body as much as 2" - 3" below the skin. The infrared home sauna features three large glass panels that alleviate the claustrophobic sensation described in other home saunas. The infrared sauana only uses 1.4 kW of power per hour; this is the same amount a dryer consumes.