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FacesofLyme Cool Product Pick

Malibu -2 Person Infrared Sauna Canadian Red Cedar

watch Sun Life Saunas enter $2 390.00 opciones binarias inversion minima
  • Our saunas are all top of the line infrared saunas with Carbon Wave 360 Technology and include Chromo (light) Therapy. Whether you want to relax alone or with someone Sun Life Saunas has different size saunas to meet your needs. Our infrared carbon flex heaters produce radiant energy which is the same as the heat from the sun only without the harmful UV rays. This specific carbon heater is made up of approximately 20 organic minerals and elements creating infrared waves that heat your body directly and more efficiently instead of just the air around you. Sun Life Saunas infrared heat is a soothing luxurious heat. Our back leg and floor heating panels allow your feet and legs to feel what the rest of your body feels. Our beautiful saunas are wrapped in high quality hemlock or cedar (optional) wood with gorgeous glass doors and windows providing you with a chic look and non-claustrophobic feeling.