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Insights Into Lyme Disease Treatment: 13 Lyme-Literate Health Care Practitioners Share Their Healing Strategies

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  • If you traveled the country for appointments with thirteen Lyme-literate health care practitioners you would discover many of the cutting-edge therapies used to combat chronic Lyme disease. You would also spend thousands of dollars on hotels plane tickets and medical appointment fees-not to mention the time that it would take to embark on such a journey. Even if you had the time and money to travel would the physicians have enough time to answer all of your questions? Would you even know which questions to ask? In this long-awaited book health care journalist Connie Strasheim has done all the work for you. She conducted intensive interviews with thirteen of the world's most competent Lyme disease healers asking them thoughtful important questions and then spent months compiling their information into organized user-friendly chapters that contain the core principles upon which they base their medical treatment of chronic Lyme disease. The specific practitioners interviewed represent a variety of medical disciplines including allopathic naturopathic complementary chiropractic homeopathic and energy medicine. Two European physicians were also interviewed. PHYSICIANS INTERVIEWED: * Steven J. Harris M.D. Redwood City CA * Steven Bock M.D. Rhinebeck NY * Susan Marra M.S. N.D. Seattle WA * Ginger Savely DNP San Francisco CA * W. Lee Cowden M.D. M.D. (H) Panama City Panama * Ingo D. E. Woitzel M.D. Pforzheim Germany * Ronald Whitmont M.D. Rhinebeck NY * Deborah Metzger Ph.D. M.D. Los Altos CA * Peter J. Muran M.D. M.B.A. San Luis Obispo CA * Nicola McFadzean N.D. San Diego CA * Marlene Kunold HCP Hamburg Germany * Elizabeth Hesse-Sheehan DC CCN Kirkland WA * Jeffrey Morrison M.D. New York NY All aspects of treatment are covered from anti-microbial remedies and immune system support to hormonal restoration detoxification dietary and lifestyle choices. Furthermore the book ponders patient and practitioner challenges of treating chronic Lyme disease and offers helpful insights to the friends and families of those coping with chronic illness. Patients can use this book to get new treatment ideas and to educate their local physicians. Practitioners can use it to learn about and stay current on the latest therapies. Lyme disease treatment is complex and controversial and this book puts the treatment information you need in the palm of your hand.
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Insights Into Lyme Disease Treatment: 13 Lyme-Literate Health Care Practitioners Share Their Healing Strategies Reviews
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"Another really great book if you want to understand different treatments that are out there. I especially found the interviews helpful and the complementary treatments that may work"