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May is Lyme Awareness Month so I will stand with my friends, acquaintances & the other hundreds of thousands of Lyme patients who also are suffering from Lyme.

  • FuN FuNkY Art By Keri Joy Colestock asks: It was not \"in our heads\" it was under our skin. Because of this debilitating disease we feel each others pain as it will strip your life right out of you. The symptoms & damage is HORRENDOUS. Most of us went undiagnosed as cases were not being reported. We never got the bullseye rash that \'shows\' that one has Lyme. 80% never get it. Besides Fibromyalgia & Lyme Arthritis (which I can ignore) I was damaged very badly Neurologically. I also have chronic sinusitis which knocks me to my knees post Lyme symptoms like to reek havoc & make all of your other symptome act up worse. In 9+ years I have had 11 piklines-yes that is what you see in the picture, an IV threaded to my heart. I can get 1-3 infusions a day of antibiotics -I\'ve had them in for up to 3-4 months. 11 piklines in 9 years. My art was my saving grace as staying home in bed was not an option. I decide after I could stand up & focus (8 months) I would concentrate on my art. I sold 1400 \"Wall Dancers\" dolls each made 1 at a time on Ebay then I went to Etsy. So this \"Babe\" knows what one goes through. the reason for this ugly picture & story is because people tell me \"Keri if you can do it I can try... I always wanted to paint... I would like to sew my heart & prayers are with you all & I will stand by your side. This is MY story. Last week i was written up in Artizen Magazine. I know everyone wants to ask questions but I do NOT do support groups or get all over Lyme websites. I KNOW what the disease is so please try & respect my right to not want to talk sick talk with anyone. Say \"hi\" if you like/dislike my work. I am blessed with a beautiful family & friends. I have met great people & learned many lessons on my journey. I cannot change the Lyme Disease but I can choose how I want to live my life & I do! To all of you that have gone through so much of this with me over the years-I love you to pieces! Hugs, Keri
Asked on 2011-05-01 in Emotional Support

Woo hoo! A Magazine Write Up!

  • FuN FuNkY Art By Keri Joy Colestock asks: Hi Keri, Thanks again SO much for being in Artizen. I hope you like the way this all turned out. Here is the main link to the entire magazine: and here is a link that opens right up to your article: I'm also attaching a jpg image of the initial "spread" in case you have a Press page with clippings, etc. Such great work you're doing. I hope all is going very well! Cindy
Asked on 2011-04-27 in Emotional Support

Hi all you dear people

  • FuN FuNkY Art By Keri Joy Colestock asks: I create FuN FuNky Original Art. After selling 1400 "Wall Dancers" dolls I decided to play with found objects & I am having a RIOT! My turning 'junk' into masterpieces is a blast & I am loving it! I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in February 2002 and that kept me literally bed-bound where the first 300 “Wall Dancers”were made in bed. Since I have sold over 1400 dolls. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and I accept I am EXACTLY where I am supposed to be today. You can make lemonade with the cards you are dealt. You live your life like anyone else. I am blessed with a beautiful family & friends. I have met great people & I cannot change the Lyme Disease but I can choose how I want to live my life & I do! I'm turning lemons into Lemon drop Martinis! I walk into walls, set the microwave on fire, has squirrels in my kitchen, I flop over & my toaster if it is missing is in the frig! I am 9 yrs. & 11 piklines later making more art than ever. Bed is not an option. Hope you have WONDERFUL weekends. Sending hugs. Keri
Asked on 2011-04-15 in Personal Stories