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Karen's Social Networking Profile

Your Name: Karen
Where You Live: Austin, TX
Years With
Lyme Disease:
Your Age: 35 Years
Your Gender: Female

Karen's Lyme Disease Blog

Karen has not posted a blog today

Karen's Lyme Disease Blog

Karen has not posted a blog today

Karen's Comments

sandrafofana Hello dear, i am miss sandra fofana, i came across your contact via ( while browsing in the internet now and it captured my interest and i become motivated to reach you.I\'m miss sandra fofana by name,please i will like us to hold a good relationship with a real love,your profile sound so gentle to me that was why i fell very much eager to write you,contact me through my personal box( forever yours sandra.
7 years and 10 months ago

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Karen's Lyme Disease Journey

Karen's Lyme Disease Symptoms

Flu-like Symptoms, Malaise [sick all over feeling], Difficulty Sleeping, Vision changes

Karen's Lyme Disease Basics
I contracted Lyme Disease in: 2008
I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease 6 Months after onset of my symptoms.
I saw 2 physicians before being diagnosed with Lyme Disease.
I remember being bitten by a tick: No
I had a bulls eye rash: No
Oral antibiotic treatment was for: 11 Months
My current quality of life is: Okay
To obtain medical care and relief from Lyme disease I have spent out of pocket: $1001-$5000
Percentage of my Lyme medications that are covered by health insurance: 75% or more
Karen's Lyme Disease Test Results
Elisa - Positive
Western Blot IgG - Negative
Western Blot IgM - Positive
Babesia - Borderline
Ehrlichia - Negative
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever - Negative
Lyme Disease Protocols Karen's Tried
Cowden?Protocol?has been: Very Helpful
Shoemaker Protocol has been: Helpful
Lyme Disease Alternative Treatments Karen's Tried
Diet has been: Helpful
Homeopathy has been: Very Helpful
Mercury Detoxification has been: Helpful
Colloidal Silver has been: Helpful
Sauna Therapy has been: Helpful
Supplements have been: Helpful
Lyme Disease Antibiotics and AntiVirals I've Tried
Doxycycline has been: Helpful
Flagyl has been: Helpful

Karen's Reviews

"One of my issues is mental clarity. I found a real recognizable relief from the mental fog i struggle with when taking this product.."

"I am a big fan of the Cowden Protocol. Has helped alot. I know i keep saying this....but it is hard to know what helps when you are taking so many different herbs..supplements...but i believe this helps me alot with my energy level."

"I take this everyday. Sometimes its hard to know what helps, but this is part of my daily protocol."

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My Lyme Disease Symptoms

Karen has not posted symptoms today

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My Lyme Disease Symptoms

Karen has not posted symptoms today

View Karen's Lyme Disease Journal »
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